Standard parts

Drill bushings, punch guide bushings, piercing die bushings, punching pins, ejector pins, ejector sleeves, cylindrical- and cone pins, and disc springs.

Saw Blades

Bi-metal, Silco, Hoppy bandsaw blades and olso meat-cutting bandsaw blades, band knives machine and handsaw blades. Welded to customer length.

Drills, reamers and taps

Twist drills, solid carbide drills, indexible drills, N/C spotting drills and centre drills. Also countersinks, machine and hand reamers.

HSS end mills

1-4 flute and multiflute square and ball nose end mills for finishing, semi-finishing and finishing. Several different helix angles and coatings from 0,3 mm - 40 mm diameter. Also end mills with corner radius and corner rounding, shell end mills, face milling cutters and HSS tool bits.

Solid carbide end mills

1-4 flute and multiflute square and ball nose solide carbide end mills for roughing and finishing with many different lenghts, helix angles and coatings from 0,1 mm - 32 mm diameter. Also tapered end mills, end mills with corner radius, solid carbide blanks and tool bits and rotatory files.

Collets and chucks

Collets and collet chucks.

Milling- and turningtools

Milling- and turningtools.

Measuring Tools