GarrTool Tivoly Pro

GarrTool has for over 50 years manufactured high quality solid carbide end mills and drills. Its product range includes both metric and imperial size end mills and with Pertik it has become one of the leading solid carbide brands in Finland.

The Tivoly Group has 90 years of experience in manufacturing quality products. Since 2009 the brands formally known as Perfor, Ardatz and Tivoly have been united as one brand, Tivoly Pro. Tivoly Pro's assortment consists of solid carbide and HSS-drills, milling cutters and threading tools.

Magafor Eroglu Makina

Miniature solid carbide and HSS end mills and reamers and sinks.

Eroglu Makina offers holding tools for general CNC-machining applications with DIN69871 and BT-tapers. For the manual milling machines the range offers DIN2080 tapers and for the turning machines a VDI-holders. The selection also includes collets and pull studs.

Hakansson Sawblades Bohrbüchsen

Hakansson is a well-known Swedish manufacturer of saw blades with strong traditions and a high level of professional know-how. They have been in close co-operation with Pertik already from 1960's. Pertik stocks various sizes and types of saw blades, which are then welded according to the customers specific needs.

Pertik has been co-operating with Bohrbüchsen for over 40 years. Bohrbüchsen AG has specialized in making bushings with Swiss precision.

Canela Hartner

Hartner's Multiplex drill tools have interchangeable heads. The vast variety has a drill head suitable for most purposes and there are multiple lengths of drill bodies to choose from.